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Nursery Storage

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For my first Nursery Storage post I decided to focus on decorative jars, and seating storage!

Making your own decorative nursery jars are super easy! All you really need is a jar, some small cute toys, and hot glue gun! I have linked here a blog that goes more in depth on how to do it and what jars she used! Also you can go more simplistic and just purchase cute jars!  I also found really cute jars on etsy! But realisticly to save a buck or two, you can just do the same steps in the blog I linked and then stray paint the lid with the toy!

Things to put in jars:

  • Baby/ Child Q-Tips
  • Cotton Balls
  • Diaper Pastes, and other creams not used daily.
  • Pacifiers
  • Bows/Hair Ties
  • ECT.

Next is using Bench seating near a window for storage! Pottery Barn as a lot of cute benches here, and here are my favorite! Under the bench in the storage bins you can put sets of blankets, sheets, books, anything you really want hidden and stored away!