Monsters Themed Childrens Party !

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Having a monsters themed party is one of the easiest parties you can do, in my opinion!

Theme: When having any party I believe having a color theme will make everything look put together, and more cohesive! For a monsters birthday party I would choose light blues, and greens!

Cupcakes: There are tons of pictures on Pinterest, I have linked monster cupcakes for you, and not just

  • I would color the cupcakes pertaining to the theme.
  • Eye(s): Cut a marshmallow in half so it wont be too out there, then place an M&M or a chocolate chip in the center; So this would hold I would use a dab of icing to act as glue!
  • Mouth: I think using gummy worms would be the cutest thing ever! But Twizzlers or candy rope would still look nice!


  • To spice up plastic or paper cups all you have to do is glue on googly eyes to them. Also if you want to get a little more festive you can cut out teeth, and mouths to go on them,
  • If you want to take the fancy more sophisticated route you can create labels for the cups, or buy them here, or here. *Those two links also have more than labels for water bottles.* If you decide to decorate the cupcakes then you can just glue on the paper cupcake toppers to the cups.!

Party Favors:

  • Monsters themed stickers, & temporary tattoos.
  • Bubbles (you can even make your own label for them on Photoshop or
  • Small toys
  • & a little bit of candy