6 TV Show Names! (Boys)

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Harrison – Dexter-

  • Meaning- Son of Harry
  • Origin- English
  • Ranking- 181
  • Possible Middle Names- Dane, Alexander, Knox, Grant, & Jude.

SawyerLost- Unisex

  • Meaning- Woodcutter
  • Origin- English
  • Ranking- 147
  • Possible Middle Names- James, Arden, Colby, Josiah, & Lawson
  • Extra- I prefer this name for a boy rather a girl, then again I absolutely loved Sawyers character in Lost so I may be bias on that!

ReidCriminal minds

  • Meaning- Red Headed
  • Origin- English
  • Ranking- 292
  • Possible Middle Names- Thomas, Stephan, Lawrence, & Charles 

JaseDuck Dynasty

  • Meaning- Healer
  • Origin- American
  • Ranking- 304
  • Possible Middle Names- Nolan, Gavin, Trenton, & Alexander

MannyModern Family

  • Meaning- God is with us, shorter form of Manuel
  • Possible Middle Names- Isaac, Rowan,& Jude

Cruz- General Hospital

  • Meaning- The Cross of Christ
  • Origin- Spanish
  • Ranking- 284
  • Possible Middle Names- Xavier. Isaiah, Elias, & Pierce



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